A little bit about me...


Hi! I'm Stephanie, lead photographer, laid back fun-haver, head honcho, mom. I've been married to my husband, Chad, for almost 15 years and we have 4 amazing, smart, beautiful kiddos. Wyatt is 13, Ginger is 8, Mia is 6 and Toby is 4. We also have 2 fur babies. The boys are crazy sports fanatics and the girls are tumbling, sassy little divas. If we're not at the ball field or gymnastics practices you can find us sprawled around the living room watching a movie on Netflix and snacking on popcorn. 

I love coffee (that's probably an understatement). I can't turn down pizza. Ever. I love Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran way more than I should. I shamelessly listen to *NSYNC way too loud in the car, demonstrating all my best waist-up car dancing moves. I live in jeans and t-shirts and seriously love my bubblegum pink Chuck Taylors.

My photographic style is very similar to my personality. Laid back, natural. Simple. I'm a simple girl and I have an appreciation for simple things. I'll be honest, I hate posing. There is definitely a time for it during a wedding day but I think engagement photos and wedding day bridal portraits should capture who you are as two people, together, in love. Your relationship. The way she looks at you. The way he holds your hand. 

Oh, and one more thing. I love to have fun with my clients and I love my clients to have fun and that pours out of every session and every wedding I shoot.

So...  now that we're friends, have a glass of wine, relax, put on your fancy clothes and let's do this!

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